Absorbing Chaos

Services based on freedom, openness, transparency and community.


Domains and Websites

  • Website Design
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Troubleshooting
  • Domain Management
  • Email Hosting / Forwarding

IT Consultation

  • IT Auditing: Security, Efficiency, Simplicity
  • Custom Documentation
  • Off-site backup solution
  • ERP Implementation
  • Program / Data Migration


Backup Now

Website(s): BkupNow.com | BkupNow.net | BkupNow.org

Mission: To provide free and simple solutions to back up data, systems, and more.

Give Ten

Website(s): GiveTen.org

Mission: Asking businesses to pledge 1-10% of their profits towards the greater good.


Encourage the use (and contribution) to open-source software and digital civil rights groups.
Encourage local philanthropy, for local business or conservation efforts.

Sedona Study Guide

Website(s): StudySedona.com | StudySedona.org

Mission: To provide a single collaborative source for all information Sedona.


Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP - what it is, and why you might need one.

Pick and choose what you NEED:
Accounting, CRM, Inventory, Sales, Purchasing, Projects, Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Website (Blog), Support Ticketing

Open Source Revolution

File Compression: 7-zip
Text Editor: Atom
Photo Editing: GIMP
Firewall: PFSense
HIPS/HIDS: Security Onion
Office Suite: LibreOffice
Audio Editing: Audacity
Password Management: KeePassXC
File Sync: Syncthing
Video Creation: Open Broadcaster
PDF Editing: PDFsam Basic
Web Browser: Vivaldi
Media Player: VLC


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