Absorbing Chaos

Calming the technological chaos.


Absorbing Chaos

Last Updated 2018/09/04

Website(s): AbsorbingChaos.com | NobodyReadsMyEmails.com

Mission: To provide specialized, niche services with quantifiable and measurable results.

The goal is to encourage a world where software is free of subscriptions, upgrades and vendor lock-in. Instead, software should embrace freedom, openness, security, transparency and community for small and large businesses alike.

Audit My Tech

Last Updated 2018/08/08

Website(s): AuditMy.Tech | AuditMyTech.com | OCD-PC.com | OCDPCRepair.com

Mission: To analyze and improve the technological structure of a business through operational auditing and program automation.

Service: Third party independent standards-driven operational business and technology review.

AZ Twilight

Last Updated 2018/08/08

Website(s): AZTwilight.com

Mission: To showcase the beauty of the Verde Valley in an easy to digest digital format.

Service: Photo sales (via CanvasPop), content creation, image delivery.

Backup Now

Last Updated 2018/08/08

Website(s): BkupNow.com | BkupNow.net | BkupNow.org

Mission: To provide free and simple solutions to back up data, systems, and more.

Give Ten

Last Updated 2018/08/08

Website(s): GiveTen.org

Mission: Asking businesses to pledge 1-10% of their profits towards the greater good.


Encourage the use (and contribution) to open-source software and digital civil rights groups.
Encourage local philanthropy, for local business or conservation efforts.

Sedona Study Guide

Last Updated 2018/08/08

Website(s): StudySedona.com | StudySedona.org

Mission: To provide a single collaborative source for all information Sedona.

WhoaBuddy Designs

Last Updated 2018/08/08

Website(s): wbd.host | WhoaBuddyDesign.com

Mission: To create an effortless experience in website management.

Service: Website Hosting, Website Design, Email, Advertising, Analytics